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Canada 150th Anniversary 



Our design proposal for CANADA 150 features a logo installation with a stunning volumetric display and spatial assemblage of 150 unique circular stems (plexiglass) forming the iconic Canadian maple lead motif in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday.

The transparent characteristic of this public-friendly design proposal encourages everyone to interact freely with the installation and share their moments with others on social media. These moments of connection amongst Canadians in this festive event are also embodied in the interconnectivity present between the 150 circular stems of the installation. Additionally, the transparent circular stems allow for further integration with lighting or interactive media design to put forth a new experience when visitors interact with the installation at night.


Designed to be easily disassembled and assembled by hand, this logo installation can be transported easily in the High Commission Van to different venues for a large variety of events throughout the year..

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