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Olive Guest House, Portugal
Architecture Competitions

Honourary Mention
Year: 2023

 Paisagem (landscape) Verde, aims to create a meaningful relationship between Architecture, the embrace of the earth, and the landscape that extends from the site to the surrounding panoramic vistas of Berreira, Portugal. 

Nestled within the sloped topography of the site, the form of the guesthouse blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. The barn-style architecture of the guesthouse has been sensitively designed to complement the rustic allure of the neighbourhood and region. The utilization of local building materials reflects respect for the cultural heritage and preserves authenticity at the same time. 

Upon arrival, guests are met by a breathtaking panoramic view of Barrerira’s gorgeous terrain. The common tasting and lounge areas have been thoughtfully designed to give a serene and immersive experience that allows guests to commune with nature while appreciating the harvests of the earth. 

The underground cellar, cleverly buried under the site topography to maintain a perfect temperature for storing barrels of fine olive oil and other gastronomic pleasures, reveals itself as guests descend the steps. The guestrooms, which are discreetly tucked beneath the main building, open up to a sloped courtyard garden that merges continuously into the vast surrounding landscape. 

Our design proposal for the guesthouse, Paisagem Verde, gracefully establishes an intimate harmony between architecture and nature in Berreira, Portugal, by respecting the site and its cultural identity, as well as the fundamental relationship between the earth and its bountiful olive harvests 

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