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Wasaa Architects - Frankel Avenue - Semi Detached Landed Houses

Semi Detached Houses, Frankel Avenue, Singapore
Residential Architecture

Photography: Rebecca Toh 


Sited alongside a noisy road along Frankel Avenue, a pair of old semi-detached houses has been given a new breadth of life alongside its neighbours. The Client was conscientious and considerate in setting the design brief to reconstruct the two plots to include an attic and yet careful about the scale of the new building amongst her neighbours.

The Client also shared his memories of the old house during its construction and had vivid memories of his encounter with the materials and craftsmen back then.

With changing attitudes toward resource use and environmental limits to growth these days, a natural response to the design brief was to re-think the environmental value of the existing building structure as well as potential reuse of the constituent materials and components.

Materials such as roof rafters, clay roof a tile, timber staircase treads was carefully salvaged, treated and stored away during for reuse. A sizeable quantity of timber planks was also salvaged from buildings undergoing renewal around the region in commitment to reducing the environmental footprint of the construction.

The resultant articulation of the new facade hints of the occupants’ desire for a quiet dwelling space whilst the integrative composition/ melange of these salavaged materials reflects the shared values of both the Architect and the Client.

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