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Wasaa Architects - 6 HongKong Street - Kwong Tuck Cheong

Conservation Shophouse, Hongkong Street, Singapore
Commercial Architecture

Kwong Tuck Cheong Shophouse ; URA Conservation 
Photography: Studio Periphery, P r P,  Afterdark
Year Completed: 2023

Located on Hongkong Street, this modern three-story shophouse with an attic was formerly occupied by the traditional sundries trader Kwong Tuck Cheong since the 1970s.

The building's façade features, which supported its function during its prime, and artefacts such as the hoisting systems and inscriptions, have been thoughtfully preserved and restored to maintain a piece of Hongkong Street's historical heritage, renowned for its trade houses.

The original design of the open timber attic, jack roof and spiral staircase have also been carefully conserved, altered and restored as part of its original identity and history, while adhering to contemporary building codes and regulations.

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