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ITB Asia 2017: Singapore Pavilion


Connecting Possibilities: Discovering Passions is a fresh and delightful architectural pavilion that features a strong visual presence for Singapore whilst bringing surprise to the trade visitors. 

Emanating from the geographical shape of Singapore island, the pavilion is parametrically designed and conceived as an artistically bold structural assemblage of both recycled and new tropical wood frames that are inter-connected with each other, arising to form an endless continuum of possibilities for Singapore. 

The structural assemblage is interfused with a visually-stunning mélange of landscape greenery, lighting, tropical scent, interactive technology, mixed with trade show products. 

Trade visitors are engaged in a discovery of Singapore passions and stories (food, retail, arts & culture and attractions and sight-seeing) in an immersive multi-sensory curatorial experience - sight, smell, touch, sound as they walk into and through the pavilion. 

Hence, our design proposal for the Singapore Pavilion for ITB Asia 2017 and ITB Asia 2018 is a true reflection of the theme of Connecting Possibilities, Discovering Passions. It aims to communicate, promote awareness and understanding of what Singapore is about to trade visitors through an integrated pavilion design that speaks of creativity, innovation and technology.


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