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St John's Home for the Eldery


We propose to design an elderly home that continuously engages the community at different scales. Starting with the residents in a single room, to the community within the home and extending to the wider neighbourhood. 


This is achieved through an architectural programmatic strategy of taking the parts of the existing single-storey sheltered homes and inter-weaving them with pockets of communal spaces throughout the entire building. 

By choreographing a medley of socio-spatial configurations and sensuous thematic landscapes, an inclusive potpourri of domestic environments has been created.

The resultant myriad of resident-centric spaces harmonises with the building's languages of porosity and vibrancy, beckoning the surrounding neighbourhood to come forth in helping to bring joy to the residents and to enrich their sense of collective identity. 

This novel design concept seeks to holistically address the physical, mental and spiritual needs of the next generation of elderly, whilst at the same time future-proofing the institution, providing a place for the elderly to age in dignity as an integral part of the community.

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