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Swettenham Road


Ongoing Project

Working within the design brief and constraints the archaic façade of the bungalow house is given a new breath of life through a series of minimal yet carefully calibrated design touches of modern simplicity. 

Stripping away the outmoded concrete planter boxes, cast-iron railings and faux ornamental planes on the exterior walls, the existing fenestrations are retained and re-articulated in balance in the new spatial composition of the house. A new lightweight sunshade canopy is introduced as a pragmatic solution to mediate the tropical weather, allowing both the living and dining spaces on the ground level to open up fully to a naturally ventilated outdoor environment. 

The resulting architecture now features a new gazebo pavilion, a covered terrace that overlooks the  new contemporary swimming pool and a spacious open turf. The once-stoic and dated building is replayed by a modest dwelling house to live in, as one family.

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